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    toilet-installA lot many problems can afflict your toilet from them getting clogged to leaks to toilets that do not flush so you need to take proper care of it and maintain it properly so that you are spared the expensive costs of repairing it. Toilets are an indispensable part in our lives so proper functioning of it is of utmost necessity. Some of the common toilet problems are presence of chloramine in the water supply as it shortens the lifespan by spoiling the rubber and plastic parts, get a water softener installed as hard water can have a damaging effect on your toilet, and clogging which is one of the most common and dreaded problems. You can implement certain steps in order to prevent water clogging such as do not flush feminine hygiene products or toilet papers down them, do not throw facial tissues or paper towels so keep in mind that you should not flush solid matters even if the product is labelled “flushable”.

    In the first instance only you should purchase a good quality toilet so that it can last for a longer period of time. Toilets are mainly made up of porcelain which are extremely durable and long-lasting but the parts which gets the most affected are the mechanical parts which are very much susceptible to breaking down.

    So for any services related to the toilets ranging from installation to repair to replacement we are always there for you. Apart from repairing clogs, we also install fixtures, pipes and bathtubs at the most affordable rates. We can supply the best quality toilets to you with good quality flushing and other mechanical parts at a reasonable pricing model.

    You should get a new unit installed in the following situations:

    • While sitting on the toilet if you notice that there is some kind of a movement, you should immediately think about replacing it.
    • There is presence of a dark stain mark around the base of your unit and which is getting darker with each passing day.
    • The ceiling below your unit is discolored as it signifies a leakage.

    Our Toilet Services In Greenville includes:

    • Toilet repair
    • Toilet installation
    • Running and leaking toilet
    • Toilet drain cleaner services

    So if you are looking forward to a quick-fix solution to all your toilet related issues look no further and just contact us. You would get the fastest response at the best possible prices.

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