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  • Slab Leak Repair – Greenville, SC

    A pipe may start leaking beneath a slab which is kind of a solid foundation of a structure which can prove to be quite dangerous and if not fixed early they can badly affect the entire foundation of your house which can lead to destruction of your property. So the moment you realize that there is a slab leak you should immediately call for professional plumbers for the purpose of fixing it.

    We at SC Plumbing Emergency LLC has been providing with the slab leak repair services since a long time. The moment any appointment is scheduled with us we take prompt action in resolving the issue to the best of our abilities. Certain causes of a slab leak are poor installation of pipes or pipes getting damaged because of certain chemicals or minerals that are present in the groundwater.

    Symptoms Of Slab Leaks That You Should Not Overlook:

    • Cracks have appeared in the walls or floorings
    • Increase in water bills for you which absolutely signifies that there is a leak
    • Appearance of moisture under the carpets
    • Sound of running water coming out even when the tap is turned off

    So only professionals will be able to detect the problem efficiently and fix it accordingly. Experienced plumbers employs different methods in handling any worsening situation. The most effective way for you to understand if there is a slab leak or not is the rise in your water, gas or electricity bills as the bills may rise due to undetected leaks in your house. The leaks in the slabs can even occur because of rusting of pipes because as time passes by the pipes starts to wear and tear.

    So do not delay in repairing your slab leaks, whenever you notice any such problem just give us a call and be rest assured that we will fix your problem at the earliest possible time as our skilled plumbers uses the best practices and equipments in fulfilling their tasks.


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